About us

The metal and textile accessories MEDEX became operational in 1984 when it was just 'homecrafts' owned by Kata Medved. Production program mainly consisted of textile accessories (curtains for carriages, tractor seats, flags and similar).

By purchasing a line for the production of packaging hinges in 1986 the product range is expanded. After this expansion the metal parts production program continues with the investment in production of tools for the wheel to be used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture. 'Homecraft' as such employs immediate family and successfully educates three children.

1997 begins with intensive work and a product line for upholstered furniture fittings is developed (scissors, folding mechanisms, brackets...). In October 2000 'homecraft' becomes metal and textile accessories crafts MEDEX.

Ownership is taken over by Ivan Medved and along with family members employs two and soon after four more employees. At a bidding in 2002 he buys a production facility and land in Stari Slatinik on 4100 m2 where he, after restoring the facility and landscaping from its own budget, relocates the production. Today MEDEX with family members has 20 employees.

The product range is constantly expanding, and the production, after touring the world and domestic trade fares, is constantly advancing and improving. MEDEX's production is adapted to the market and changing trends.


The basic material used in the manufacture of all our products is high quality steel. The start of a good product is good material that meets all the requirements - strength, durability, quality. This is why the quality of our products begins with the selection of high-quality raw materials. All metal elements are made of sheet steel or steel pipe, which is obtained from a cold-rolled strip steel of quality St-37. Plastic parts, such as closing and regulating plugs are made of high density polyethylene - HDPE. We are technologically equipped for all the operations in the production, from raw materials to the finished product. Quality control is an integral part of our production process, and we are proud of the constant high level of quality of our products. Material processing is done on CNC computer-controlled machines, ensuring high accuracy and tolerances of all our products. At the end of the production process the metal parts are protected by painting in epoxy polyester powder, and then baked to obtain a final protective layer, the so-called plastification. There are several colors to choose from, some of which are standard aluminum/gray, and black. Upon request and agreement it is possible to make all our products in a wide range of available colors - RAL colors, and all information will be available on our phone number listed under the CONTACT page. 


It is possible to manufacture custom made constructions and products for various purposes. For the all the details about ordering our existing products as well as custom-made ones, please contact us by phone or e-mail listed on the CONTACT page.