Production Processes

Here you can find video clips that will show how our production process looks like.

1. CNC pipe bender with mandrel 

2. Hyundai CNC welding robot

3. CNC laser cutting

CNC laser cutting of sheet metal and various other materials cut materials with a thickness of 0.5 to 12 mm in high-precision forms at the request of the draft. Highly accurate cutting of complex shapes.

4. CNC bending press

With the use of a CNC bending press we can perform complex bending of different profiles from metal sheets, with high precision and speed.

5. CNC Vertical Machining Center

CNC vertical machining center is used for machining in a 3D environment. It is possible to do everything from simple drilling and chamfering to complex 3D milling.

6. CNC sheet perforations

Fast and precise sheet metal perforation is characteristic of metal sheet machining on a CNC machine for sheet metal processing. Every part is accurately positioned and computer-optimized for a faster and better machining already in the process of design, up to the final cutting on the machine.

7. CNC pipe bending

The video shows the work of our pipe bender which we use to produce different types of pipe bendings needed for the production of beams, hangers, chairs and other various products. High precision of CNC technology allows the same results from the first to the last item in the series, and provides high accuracy.